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After the C-One² mobile reader is configured in Security Center and connected to the Synergis™ Cloud Link unit, you can use the reader as a mustering point during an evacuation.

What you should know

When an evacuation is started through Evacuation Assistant in Security Desk, the mustering captain can start using the reader as a mustering point. The mustering captain can have the Mustering application and the Evacuation Assistant portal open on the reader at the same time to track the progress of the evacuation as evacuees badge onto the reader.


  1. Power on the C-One² mobile reader.
  2. Swipe up to unlock the reader.
  3. Swipe up again to display the applications installed on the reader.
  4. Open the Mustering application.
  5. On the main screen of the Mustering application, select the reader from the list, and then tap Start.
  6. On the screen displaying the interface and reader, tap Start again.
    The C-One² mobile reader is ready to read credentials presented to the back of the device. There is no further action required in the Mustering application.
    NOTE: The device cannot read credentials when it is in sleep mode.
  7. Open a web browser on the reader and log on to the Evacuation Assistant portal to monitor the progress of the evacuation to the mustering point.
  8. At the end of the evacuation, tap Stop in the Mustering application.