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24-hour zones are inputs used to trigger alarms for emergency events like a fire. On DMP intrusion panels, these inputs are not associated to an area. In Security Center these inputs are associated to a single intrusion area called 24H zones.

From the DMP intrusion panel and in Security Center, 24-hour inputs are only distinguishable from other input types by their behavior.

Intrusion detection areas for 24-hour inputs

When a DMP intrusion panel is enrolled in Security Center, a 24H zones intrusion detection area is automatically created by the Intrusion Manager role, regardless of whether the panel has 24-hour inputs or not.
The running state of the 24H zones intrusion detection area follows the state of the intrusion detection unit. If the unit is online, the area will be online, even if there are no inputs associated to that intrusion detection area.

All 24-hour inputs of an intrusion panel are associated to the 24H zones intrusion detection area in Security Center. For a DMP intrusion panel, the following input types are considered 24-hour inputs:

  • Fire
  • Panic
  • Emergency
  • Supervisory
  • Fire Verify
  • Arming
The 24H zones area is always in the Master armed arming state. When the state changes on one of the inputs attributed to the area, an alarm is triggered.

When the duress code is entered on a keypad, an Intrusion detection area duress event is triggered on the 24H zones intrusion detection area.

Resetting a 24-hour input to Normal

When a wireless 24-hour input returns to its Normal state on the panel after being activated, this state is not automatically reflected in Security Center. You must reset the state of the wireless input.