Cardholders with multiple credentials - DMP intrusion panel 4.2.1

DMP Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 4.2.1

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DMP intrusion panel 4.2.1
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DMP intrusion panel

The DMP intrusion panel extension supports the synchronization of cardholders with multiple credentials.


When pushing cardholders with multiple credentials to the panel, all of the cardholder's credentials are pushed.

The user codes listing in RemoteLink
  • If the cardholder has at least one profile with Card and PIN enabled, the cardholder is pushed with Card and PIN enabled.
  • If Card and PIN is enabled, the cardholder is only pushed to the panel if they have at least one card credential and one PIN credential.
  • If Card and PIN is not enabled, then only one kind of credential is pushed. By default, PINs are pushed. Card credentials are pushed if there is no PIN credential, or if you create a DmpExtraConfiguration.json file with the following code:
        "useCardCredentialAsUserCode": true
    NOTE: For more information on creating the .JSON file, see Enabling PIN and user code padding.
  • A cardholder that is set as the Duress user can have at most one card and at most one pin.
When pulling users from the panel, all users with the same name will be merged into one cardholder with multiple credentials.
  • When using Card and PIN, all users pulled from the panel must have a user code and a user PIN.
  • If you are not using Card and PIN, User codes are converted into PIN credentials unless you created or edited the DmpExtraConfiguration.json file to enable card credentials.