Enrolling a DMP intrusion panel using the Integrator Path - DMP intrusion panel 4.2.1

DMP Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 4.2.1

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DMP intrusion panel 4.2.1
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DMP intrusion panel

Before you can enroll your DMP intrusion panel using the Integrator connection, you must configure the Integrator Path.

Before you begin

  • Download and install DMP Remote Link.
  • Make sure that your DMP intrusion panel is running firmware version 193
    NOTE: Firmware 193 is only compatible with 150/550-series DMP intrusion panels.
  • Prepare the DMP intrusion panel for enrollment.

What you should know

The Integrator connection gives integrators a connection that does not take up an existing port on the panel. This means that one panel can be simultaneously connected to DMP Remote Link, DMP Entré, and Security Center.


  1. Use DMP Remote Link to configure the following settings in the Integrator Path window:
    • Connection: Net.
    • Incoming TCP Port: The port used by Security Center to connect to the panel.
    • Integrator IP: The IP address of the Intrusion Manager server.
    • Passphrase: Leave blank.
    The Entre tab of the DMP Remote Link window.
    For more information, refer to the DMP user documentation..
  2. From the Config Tool home page, open the Intrusion detection task.
  3. From the entity browser, select the Intrusion Manager role.
  4. Click Intrusion detection unit ().
    The Manual add window opens.
  5. Configure the following settings:
    • IP address: The IP address of the DMP intrusion panel.
    • Port: The port that was set as the Incoming TCP port on the DMP panel.
    • Account number: The account number of the DMP intrusion panel.
    • Remote key: Leave blank.
    NOTE: Leave the Remote key field blank even if there is a remote key configured on the panel.
    The Manual Add window with the Remote Link field left blank.
  6. Click Add and close.


The panel is enrolled.