Mapping intrusion panel events to Security Center actions - DMP intrusion panel 4.2.1

DMP Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 4.2.1

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DMP intrusion panel 4.2.1
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DMP intrusion panel

You can set up events from the panel to trigger actions in Security Center, using event-to-actions.

What you should know

For example, an Intrusion detection unit tamper event on the intrusion panel can trigger a Security Center alarm.
NOTE: Output pins on the intrusion panel only support the Trigger output action.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the System task.
  2. Click the General settings view, and click the Actions page.
  3. On the Actions page, click .
  4. From the When list in the Event-to-action dialog box, select an event.
  5. In the From option, select All entities, Intrusion detection unit, Intrusion detection area, or Device as the source of the event. Use Device for inputs and outputs.
    By default, the event-to-action occurs when Any entity triggers the event you selected.
  6. From the Action list, select an action, and enter any additional information required about the action.
    If you select the Trigger output action, you must select the output relay to trigger, and its output behavior. The output behavior is ignored because the Output trigger overrides is sent to the panel instead.

  7. In the Effective option, click Always, and select a schedule when this event-to-action is active.
    If the event occurs outside of the defined schedule, then the action is not triggered. By default, the Always schedule is selected.
  8. Click Save.