How DSC PowerSeries intrusion panel terminology is used in Security Center - DSC PowerSeries intrusion panel 4.0

DSC PowerSeries Intrusion Panel Extension Guide 4.0

DSC PowerSeries intrusion panel
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DSC intrusion detection components are mapped as entity types in Security Center. The following table lists some DSC PowerSeries intrusion panel components and terms, and how they are represented in Security Center.

DSC term Description Security Center term
DSC PowerSeries intrusion panel The intrusion panel that is monitored and controlled by Security Center. Each intrusion panel can control multiple groups. Intrusion detection unit
Partition A group of zones configured on the intrusion panel that specify a physical area, such as a floor of a building. These groups can be monitored and armed in Security Desk. Intrusion detection area
Zone Inputs for devices such as glass break detectors, motion sensors, temperature sensors, and so on, that are connected to the intrusion panel. Input
Output Output pin connected to the intrusion panel. Output