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Digital signatures in Security Center

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Security Center 5.9 - 5.12
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To validate the source of the digital signature on a G64x video file, you can compare the digital signature origin of the file and of the Archiver.

What you should know

The digital signature origin contains the following information:
  • The ID of the Archiver that created a file
  • An encrypted copy of the cryptographic key used to create the digital signature


  1. Retrieve the digital signature origin of the video file:
    1. In the Security Center installation folder, open VideoFileAnalyzer.exe.
    2. Click Add files, select the video file you want to validate, and click Open.
    3. Select the file from the list and click View digital signature origin.
  2. Open the text file that contains the digital signature origin from the system.
    This file was generated and stored when setting up the digital signature feature, or if you created a new cryptographic key.
  3. Check whether both digital signature origins match.
    Tip: Use a free online tool such as or to compare the digital signature origins.
    If both digital signature origins match, the video file is authentic and was created by that Archiver.