Enabling alarm acknowledgment and door actions in Security Desk for CCURE plugin 3.3 - CCURE 3.3


Enabling CCURE alarm acknowledgment and door actions in Security Desk

To unlock CCURE doors and acknowledge CCURE alarms from Security Desk using CCURE plugin version 3.3, you must modify the Genetec.Plugins.CCure.AccessControl.Client.dll.config file.


  1. On the Security Center main server, browse to the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Security Center Plugins\CCure.
  2. Open the Genetec.Plugins.CCure.AccessControl.Client.dll.config file in a text editor and set the action enable option to true by adding the following code: ActionEnabled="true"
    <CCureAccessControlClient ConnectionRetryInterval="5" PingInterval="60" PingTimeout="5" CardholderGuid="true" ActionEnabled="true"/>
  3. Save and close the file.
    You can now lock and unlock CCURE doors using the door widget, and acknowledge CCURE alarms using the Monitoring task in Security Desk.