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During an evacuation, cardholders have different statuses to indicate whether or not they are safe. These statuses can be set by the mustering captain, or are automatically set, depending on the status.

The following statuses available for cardholders during an evacuation:
Indicates that the individual was manually marked as Unsafe.

For example, the mustering captain is notified that the individual fell in the stairwell on their way to the mustering area and cannot get up.

Indicates that the individual was in the area that is being evacuated when the evacuation started, but has not yet reached a mustering area.

All cardholders, including visitors, in the evacuation area at the start of the evacuation are marked as Unknown by default.

Indicates that the individual has safely reached a mustering area.

This means that they either physically badged their credential on the reader in a mustering area, or they were manually marked as Safe by the mustering captain in the mustering area because they did not have their credential with them when they reached the mustering area.