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Evacuation Assistant 1.1.1 includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
2714842 1.1 There are no audit trails or activity trails for actions done in the Evacuation Assistant portal.
2601278 1.1 It can take over a minute to generate a report from the Active evacuations task when there are 10,000 cardholders with pictures in the results.
2577626 1.0 A parent area cannot be evacuated to its child area, and a child area cannot be evacuated to its parent area.
2564964 1.0 Evacuation Assistant does not support the Image or Entity data types for custom fields. The only supported custom field data types are Text, Numeric, Decimal, Date, Date/time, and Boolean.
2563073 1.0 Evacuation Assistant portal: When an evacuation is started from a parent area, everyone that is part of that evacuation is listed as being in the parent area, even when they are in one of the child areas.
Workaround: Tap a cardholder in the list to see the cardholder's last activity, which specifies the area they were last in and when.
2562175 1.0 After an evacuation has started, when you remove people from areas, using the People counting task or move people, using an SDK application, these changes are not reflected in the Active evacuations task or the Evacuation Assistant portal.
2562167 1.0 In Config Tool, the Evacuation Assistant page of areas is configurable, even when the areas are not properly configured to work with Evacuation Assistant.
Workaround: Ensure that all the areas you want to use with Evacuation Assistant have at least one door with a reader configured.