Overview of the Evacuation Assistant portal - Evacuation Assistant 1.1.1

Evacuation Assistant Guide 1.1.1

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Evacuation Assistant 1.1.1
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Evacuation Assistant

The Evacuation Assistant portal helps you track the progress of emergency evacuations by giving you an overview of who has or has not reached their designated mustering areas.

After you log on to the Evacuation Assistant portal, the home page is displayed.
Item Description
A The total number of people involved in ongoing evacuations.

Tap the total number to jump to the list of all evacuees.

B The total status statistics for all ongoing evacuations.

Tap the numbers to jump to the list of evacuees filtered by their status.

C Current evacuations.
Tap an evacuation to view the details of the evacuation, such as the assigned mustering areas and the number of people who have reached them.
NOTE: If multiple areas are being evacuated to the same mustering area, when you tap on an evacuation for details, the number beside that mustering area indicates how many people from the selected evacuation have reached the mustering area, not the total number of people from all evacuations that have reached the mustering area.
D Menu bar to navigate to different pages:
The home page displays the overview of all evacuations.
Tap to display a tree view of the areas currently being evacuated with the number of people who have not reached their mustering areas.
Tap to display a list of all evacuees, the area they are in, and their status. You can filter this list by status.
Tap to display the user currently logged on and the time elapsed since logon. You can log off from this page.
The following shows how the different pages in the Evacuation Assistant portal behave during an active evacuation: