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Evacuation Assistant

Evacuation Assistant helps you manage and monitor emergency evacuations to ensure the safety of individuals by tracking who has or has not reached their designated mustering points. Evacuation Assistant is integrated into Security Center through a plugin role. You can track evacuations in real time using the portal available through this role.

Tasks using Config Tool and Security Desk

Config Tool and Security Desk are used to perform the following configuration and monitoring tasks:
  • Designate areas as mustering areas.

    Individuals are automatically marked as safe when they badge at a designated mustering area.

  • Assign one or more mustering areas to areas designated for evacuation.
  • Configure evacuations to start and stop on custom events.
  • Manually start and stop evacuations from Security Desk.
  • Configure how cardholders are treated when an evacuation ends.
  • Generate reports on active evacuations.

Tasks using the Evacuation Assistant portal

The Evacuation Assistant portal is used by mustering captains to register the presence of individuals at mustering points during an evacuation. The following tasks are performed from the portal:
  • Monitor the progress of active evacuations in real time.
  • Set the evacuation status of individuals to indicate whether they are safe or not.
  • Search for and add individuals to the mustering list when they reach a mustering point without a credential, or when they reach a mustering point but did not come from the area that is under evacuation.

    For example, an employee or visitor loses their badge inside the building before evacuating.

  • Add individuals who were not issued credentials to the mustering list when they reach a mustering point.

    For example, a visitor evacuated the building before being checked in to the system as a visitor.

Watch the following video to learn more.