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Evacuation Assistant Guide 1.1

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Evacuation Assistant 1.1
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Evacuation Assistant 1.1 includes the following new features.

General enhancements

New native events
When you start and end an evacuation, you now get an event for the area from which you are evacuating, and for each mustering area involved in the evacuation. Because all these events are now native in Security Center, you can now use the Area activities task to investigate these events.

For more information, see Events to monitor in Security Desk for Evacuation Assistant.

Supported languages
Evacuation Assistant is now available in all 24 languages supported in Security Center.

Evacuation Assistant portal enhancements

New portal address
The address to log on to the Evacuation Assistant portal has changed to the following:

https://<server IP or hostname>/Evacuation

For more information, see Logging on to the Evacuation Assistant portal.

New filters
You can now filter the list of evacuees by mustering area.

For more information, see About the pages in the Evacuation Assistant portal.