Registering Security Center events to Genetec Citigraf™ - Genetec Citigraf™ 2.0

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To use Security Center events for correlation purpose, you must create the Security Center Data Correlation Adapter role.

What you should know

All data integration plugins are installed when you install Genetec Citigraf™ Command. To register Security Center as a data source for Genetec Citigraf™, you must create the Security Center Data Correlation Adapter role in your system. Only one instance of this role is allowed per system.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Click Add en entity (), then click Plugin.
  3. In the Creating a role dialog box, select Security Center Data Correlation Adapter, and follow the instructions of the wizard.
  4. Select the Security Center Data Correlation Adapter role.
  5. Click the Properties tab and select the event types you want to use for correlation purpose.
    Bookmark events
    Use Live bookmark added events.
    Access control events
    Use Access granted and Access denied events.
    LPR read events
    Use License plate read events.
    LPR hit events
    Use License plate hit events.
  6. Click Apply.


The selected events types can now be use in correlation rules.