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Genetec Clearance™ Plugin Guide 3.3

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Genetec Clearance™ plugin
New features created for the Genetec Clearance™ plugin 3.3 include:
Improved export controls:
  • You can now add all cameras loaded in the video tiles to your export with the Add monitoring tiles button.
  • You can now copy and sync the times across multiple cameras that are included in your export in a single action.
  • When the video tiles are in playback mode, the default time range is now the current time selected plus two minutes. If you select a video segment instead, it becomes the default export range.
  • You can now cancel in-progress video or snapshot exports to Genetec Clearance™.
Enhanced auditing:
  • With the new Genetec Clearance™ user activity trail task, administrators can review exports to Genetec Clearance™ and query reports based on users, cameras, and time ranges.
Improved support for long video exports:
  • Exports longer than sixty minutes are now played-back as a continuous segment when reviewing them in Genetec Clearance™.
Additional improvements:
  • You can now link a snapshot with a case in Genetec Clearance™ during the snapshot creation process.
  • Notifications are now sent to Security Desk operators included in the Request notification list when a video request is created.
  • A message is now displayed in the export wizard to validate that the plugin role has the necessary case rights to add files when exporting evidence to an existing case in Genetec Clearance™.