Integration overview for the Genetec Clearance™ plugin - Genetec Clearance™ plugin 3.4.1

Genetec Clearance™ Plugin Guide 3.4.1

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Genetec Clearance™ plugin 3.4.1
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Genetec Clearance™ plugin

Integrating the Genetec Clearance™ plugin in Security Center consists of a series of steps that must be followed in sequence.

The following table lists the tasks required to integrate the Genetec Clearance™ plugin in Security Center, and how to verify that the integration was successful.

Step Task Where to find more information
Understand prerequisites and key issues before deploying
1 Before installing the plugin, read the release notes to learn about new features, and to understand the requirements and known issues.
2 Learn how the different components connect together.
3 Learn which features are included with the plugin.
Prepare Security Center
4 Ensure that the expansion server where the plugin is installed meets the recommended system requirements and is running a compatible version of Security Center.
5 If you have video surveillance cameras, ensure that the Omnicast™ features are enabled, and that all cameras are added to Security Center and function as required.
6 Verify that the Security Center license has a valid certificate for the plugin: on the Config Tool home page, click About > Certificates, and confirm that the plugin is in the list.
Install and configure the plugin
7 Make sure you have uninstalled previous versions of the Genetec Clearance™ (plugin) plugin and Genetec Clearance™ Video Request plugin and removed both plugin roles. When uninstalling an application, use the Windows Programs and Features control panel (appwiz.cpl).
8 On the Security Center expansion server, download the plugin and install it.
9 In Config Tool, create the Genetec Clearance™ role.
10 In Genetec Clearance™, create and download the account connection settings.
11 In Config Tool, connect the role to the Genetec Clearance™ account.
12 In Config Tool, grant user privileges for the plugin.
Confirm that the integration works as expected
13 In the Security Desk Monitoring task, export video to Genetec Clearance™.
14 In the Security Desk Monitoring task, export a snapshot to Genetec Clearance™.
15 In Genetec Clearance™, confirm that you can play the exported video and view the exported snapshot.