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The Genetec Clearance™ plugin 3.4.1 includes the following limitations.

Issue Description
2970196 Because Genetec Clearance™ creates the Azure storage container on the plugin's demand, it can take up to 30 seconds before the plugin can upload its data. This means that during a video upload, the notification can stay in the "Waiting for upload" state for up to 30 seconds.
2896124 For cameras that are operating under a federated system, the Stored video for information is listed as Not available in the Genetec Clearance™ Registry.
2766937 SDK tile keeps the selected time segment even when cleared.
2547680 Requested video files are a few seconds longer than specified in the request time period.
2544967 Evidence uploads fail when archive extractions yield long Windows paths. Workarounds for this limitation include shortening the archive path and enabling long paths in Windows 10.
2541283 HTTPS proxies are not supported due to a limitation in .NET framework. For more information, see
2281687 When adding a Stratocast camera in the camera selection section, a grey thumbnail might be displayed on certain cameras.
2228541 Adding partitions to the list of cameras that are published in Genetec Clearance™ is not supported. However, if you add the camera to the partition manually, video request exports will be processed.
2154412 The geographic location of ghost cameras cannot be displayed.