Camera registry and video request overview in Genetec Clearance™ - Genetec Clearance™ Video Request 3.0

Genetec Clearance™ Video Request Plugin Guide 3.0

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Genetec Clearance™ Video Request 3.0
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The camera registry is a Genetec Clearance™ module that simplifies the video request process and improves collaboration between organizations and investigators. The registry includes surveillance cameras, body cameras, and in-car recorders. Authorized users can rapidly identify and request video from camera sources of interest.

Using the camera registry module, organizations can:
  • Share a list of their cameras for guests to submit new video requests
  • Configure request forms that a guest user must complete when requesting video
  • Define Genetec Clearance™ users that can approve new requests
  • Maintain searchable records of all past requests
  • Query requests based on their status
  • Automatically upload video from Security Center using the Genetec Clearance™ Video Request plugin
The camera registry enhances situational awareness for investigators by using detailed information about cameras of interest, including their GPS coordinates and thumbnails showing the camera view.
NOTE: The camera registry is only available for customers subscribed to Genetec Clearance™ Plan200, Plan600, and Plan1000.

Video request workflow

The following diagram illustrates the workflow processes that occur between the Genetec Clearance™ web application and the Genetec Clearance™ Video Request plugin when a video request is submitted.
  1. A registry of cameras is published in Genetec Clearance™ so that investigators can find devices that are near incidents under review.
  2. The investigator submits a request form. An email notification is sent to the camera owners to review new requests. A notification tray alert is also displayed in Security Desk. Authorized users can view the status of their current and past requests in Genetec Clearance™.
  3. Camera owners validate the video request and ensure that all required details are received before releasing the video to the requester.
  4. When the request is approved, the videos are exported from Genetec™Security Center, or other video management systems, based on the date and time provided by the investigator.
  5. After the available the recordings have been uploaded to Genetec Clearance™ Uploader, an email notification is sent to the investigator. You can configure permission levels in the system to grant the investigator view-only or view and download permissions.