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When the same alarm is triggered multiple times at the same location, you can aggregate all instances of the alarm to the already triggered incident.

Multiple occurrence restriction for an incident

You can choose to limit the number of times a particular incident type is triggered by choosing one of the following options in the Incident configuration > Incident type name > Properties page:
Allow multiple active incidents of the selected incident type.
One per location
Allow only one active incident per incident type per location.
One per area
Allow only one active incident per incident type per area.
One per location per category
Allow only one active incident per incident type under the selected incident category per location.
One per area per category
Allow only one active incident per incident type under the selected incident category per area.
NOTE: You can also right click an incident type or category in the Incident configuration page of Config Tool to set the Multiple occurrence restriction for the incident type or all incident types under the selected incident category.

In this example, the incident trigger is restricted to one incident per location:

Limiting incident trigger by aggregating all related alarms

In this example the incident trigger is Any alarm:

When you have multiple alarm instances from the same alarm at the same location, you can configure the incident type to be triggered only once and aggregate all subsequent alarms to the same incident.

Incident workflow configuration

In this example scenario, the incident workflow is configured as follows:

In the Wait for event activity is configured with the following selections:
Wait for event > Specific event
A specific set of alarms related to this incident are added.
Event sources
The Incident location refers to the entity on which the incident is active. It may be an area, video entity, door and so on.
Related alarms
The Incident alarms selection aggregates events from a previously aggregated alarm.
Aggregate all related alarm instances
The option is selected to direct the system to aggregate all events of the previously aggregated alarm instance, irrespective of event source and related alarms selection.

The operator's screen

When the alarm triggers the incident, it is visible in the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk. All subsequent instances of the alarm are aggregated to the same incident preventing multiple incidents being triggered for the same alarm in the same location.

Incident trigger scenario when different alarms are triggered from the same source

You can have multiple alarms associated with the same source. When these alarms are triggered, the corresponding incidents associated with the alarms are triggered.