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Genetec Mission Control™

Genetec Mission Control™ is a collaborative decision management system that provides organizations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualization, and complete incident management capabilities. It allows security personnel to make the right decision when faced with routine tasks or unanticipated situations by ensuring a timely flow of information. To learn more about Genetec Mission Control™, refer to the Genetec resource center.

Genetec Mission Control™ empowers organizations to move beyond simple event and alarm management by collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, spotting the most complex situations and incidents, and guiding security teams in their response following organization-specific processes and compliance requirements.

From monitoring incoming sensory data and detecting incidents to resolving and auditing, Genetec Mission Control™ manages the entire life cycle of an incident. Organizations benefit from the flexibility of defining incident types and categories that match their needs, along with responses for any situation. Here is the incident life cycle managed by Genetec Mission Control™:

Example of three events, that when occurring together, triggers an incident
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