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You can use the Conditional activities to determine if a trigger event is internal or external to a particular area and direct system action accordingly.

About Conditional activities

Like the Parallel tasks activity, Conditional activities allows you to configure multiple conditional paths for system action.

You can use a combination of the conditional AND, OR and IF-ELSE to direct system action across multiple activity paths.

You can also nest Conditional activities to achieve the desired results.

Incident configuration considerations

You can configure your incident so that the system automatically performs a different set of tasks based on the location of a Door forced open or Intrusion detection alarm event.

In this example, there are three floors in an office building with an R&D lab in the first floor. An unauthorized entry or exit through those doors needs to be investigated by the security team. Depending on whether the intrusion event is internal to the building or external, the incident priority, status and so on need to be modified accordingly.

Example scenario: Internal Vs. External intrusion incident

In this example, an Internal Vs. External intrusion incident is triggered when a Door forced open or Intrusion detection alarm event is detected in any area in the selected corporate building.

Activity paths for the system

Here is the Conditional activities configuration directing the system to perform four different set of tasks depending on the area of the trigger event:
  • R&D lab
  • First floor
  • Second floor
  • Third floor
  • External door or intrusion zone for the Main building

The operator's screen

In this example, when the incident gets triggered, a live video feed of the incident location is opened in the Monitoring task and the dynamic SOP is launched. Based on operator response to internal or external event the system changes incident priority, column color of incident in incident list, dispatch of incident to selected security team and so on.