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You can create simple standard operating procedures (SOPs) when the sequence of steps does not depend on the operator's responses.

What you should know

A simple user procedure (or simple SOP) is an ordered list of steps that do not involve multiple-choice questions.


  1. On the incident User procedure page, set the User procedure mode to Simple.
    You start with an empty page.

    If you are switching from Dynamic to Simple mode, you will lose the steps you configured in Dynamic mode after you click Apply.
  2. Configure your procedure options.
    Allow non-validated steps
    Select this option if you allow the operator to resolve the incident without validating all the steps. A validated step is a step that is either completed or skipped with a justification. The default setting is to validate all steps before resolving an incident. To resolve an incident without validating all the steps, the user must have the Forcibly resolve incidents having non-validated steps privilege.
    Force steps to be completed in sequence
    Select this option if you want the operator to complete the steps in the configured order. By default, the operator can complete the steps in any order.
  3. At the bottom of the step list, click Add an item ().
    The User procedure step properties dialog box opens.

  4. Enter the step properties, and click OK.
    Step name
    Simple instruction to follow (for example, "Call 911").
    Attached documents
    (Optional) Supporting document to help the operator complete the task.
    Enter the URL of a document that can be viewed in a web browser.
    Select a document tag configured in the Genetec Mission Control™ document library. When this incident occurs, all documents with the corresponding tag are attached.
    Force comment
    Indicate whether or not the operator must enter a comment before completing the step.
  5. Add more steps as necessary.
  6. To change the order of the steps, select a step and click the or buttons to move it up or down the list.

  7. Click Apply.