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To manage incidents effectively in Genetec Mission Control™, you must understand the role of events as incident triggers, and how they work with the Genetec Mission Control™ Rules Engine to trigger an incident.

In Security Center, an event is classified as an activity linked to a source entity. For example, an Access denied event linked to an access control entity or Camera tampering event linked to a video unit entity.

You can use events generated by Security Center and compatible plugins to trigger Genetec Mission Control™ incidents.

Here is an example of an event related to a video unit being used as an incident trigger.

You can add precision to your incident trigger configuration by choosing the Advanced event filtering option in the incident trigger dialog box.

You have the option of selecting specific payloads from any of the following events as incident triggers:

  • Access events
  • Alarm events
  • Custom events
  • User events
  • Video analytic events
Here is an example specific Access Denied events to which you can limit the incident trigger.

For a complete list of events that you can use as incident triggers, see Event types in Genetec Mission Control™.