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On the incident Recipients page, you can configure users and user groups to whom this type of incident gets dispatched, the moment the incident is triggered.

Recipients receive the incident dispatch notifications under the following conditions:
  • They are online (logged on to a Security Desk workstation with Genetec Mission Control™ installed).
  • Their status is Available.
It is not necessary to have the Incident monitoring task open to receive dispatch notifications.
Recipient configuration options:
Dispatch the incidents to everyone.
(Collaborative incident only) Only the supervisors of the recipients of the sub-incidents can see the collaborative incidents.
NOTE: When you forward or transfer a collaborative incident that is only visible to supervisors, only the sub-incidents are forwarded or transferred.

For example, you have a collaborative incident CI with two sub-incidents SI-1 and SI-2. If you send CI to User-X, User-X will only see incidents SI-1 and SI-2. If User-X has a supervisor, the supervisor will only see CI, and not the sub-incidents.

If the recipients of the sub-incidents have no supervisors, then no one can see the collaborative incidents.
Auto assign
You can assign an incident to a single user group. The incident gets dispatched to a user in the user group in the order of their logon. When the assigned user logs off, the incident is dispatched to the next user and so on. If all users in the user group are logged off, the incident gets dispatched to the entire user group.
Dispatch incidents to a list of configured recipients. The following modes are available:
In the simple mode, incidents are dispatched to all configured recipients. If a user is not online when the incident is dispatched, they receive the dispatch notification when they log on.
In the advanced mode, you can add suitability criteria (time and location of occurrence of the incident) to each configured recipient. An incident is dispatched to a recipient only if it matches the suitability criteria of the recipient. An incident is not dispatched to a configured recipient if they are not online at the time the incident is triggered. For this reason, you must also configure a secondary group of recipients who can respond to an incident if none of the primary recipients are available.
Dispatch to available recipients only
You can choose to dispatch incidents only to those recipients whose status is set to Available.
If no incident recipient is available or logged in, the system will send the incident to all configured recipients.
NOTE: This does not apply to incident forwarding or incident transfer functions.