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On the incident User procedure page, you can define a standard operating procedure (SOP) that the operator must follow before changing an incident state to Resolved.

You can have either a simple SOP or a dynamic SOP.
User procedure mode
Select the type of user procedure you want to work with.
When you switch from one mode to the other, the steps you configured in the previous mode will be lost when you click Apply.

Simple SOP

A simple user procedure (or simple SOP) is an ordered list of steps that do not involve multiple-choice questions.
Allow non-validated steps
Select this option if you allow the operator to resolve the incident without validating all the steps. A validated step is a step that is either completed or skipped with a justification. The default setting is to validate all steps before resolving an incident. To resolve an incident without validating all the steps, the user must have the Forcibly resolve incidents having non-validated steps privilege.
Force steps to be completed in sequence
Select this option if you want the operator to complete the steps in the configured order. By default, the operator can complete the steps in any order.
List of steps
Each step is defined by the following:
Step number (generated by the system).
Force comment
Indicate whether or not the operator must enter a comment before completing the step.
Step name
Simple instruction to follow (for example, "Call 911").
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Dynamic SOP

A dynamic user procedure (or dynamic SOP) is a standard operating procedure where the step sequence depends on the response provided by the operator at each step. The dynamic SOP is represented by a flowchart in Config Tool.
Tip: You can Import () and Export () dynamic SOPs individually, as opposed to importing and exporting the entire incident configuration.