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In high-security areas or areas that are routinely monitored, you can use Genetec Mission Control™ incident automation workflow to detect guards on patrol and identify any issues.

Considerations for Guard tour investigation incident configuration

You can configure a Guard tour investigation incident to verify that routine guard patrol occurs as scheduled and to manage issues, if any.

The Guard tour investigation incident configuration must include the following:
Define the incident. Select an icon and color scheme that is unique and reflects the nature of the incident.
The operator must be able to trigger the incident manually when the guard fails to check-in as scheduled.

You can configure an incident for manual trigger by selecting Allow manual trigger in the properties page of the Incident configuration task.

You can use system triggers to set up automatic alerts when the guard does not reach a particular checkpoint at the appointed time. With such a setup, the system triggers the incident automatically in response to specific events in an area, such as Arming for zone postponed, Motion on, Motion off, Manual station armed, Manual station disarmed, and so on based on your area configuration.

However, in this scenario, there are no system triggers configured. Only the manual trigger option is enabled.

In this scenario, only the operators logged in at that time need to monitor the incident initially.
User procedure
This incident needs a dynamic user procedure so the system and procedure can adapt to operator responses.
In this scenario, this incident is only to monitor the scheduled patrol route and time. If any issues are detected, the automation workflow configuration triggers another incident to resolve the issue. To direct the system to trigger another incident a custom incident state is used.
In this example, there are custom states configured that are used to direct the system to launch an investigation if the guard patrol does not follow scheduled routes or times and resume the Guard tour investigation incident when the missing guard is found.

Incident states for Guard tour investigation incidents

In this example, there are two custom states configured for Guard tour investigation incidents in addition to the predefined incident states in Genetec Mission Control™:
  • Investigation started: This incident state indicates a missing guard and that the operators need to take further action.
  • Guard tour recovered: This incident state indicates that the guard has been found and regular patrol can now resume.
You can configure these states in the Config Tool from System > Incident Manager > States.
IMPORTANT: When you add custom states, ensure that you define accepted incoming states. Otherwise, an incident that transitions to your custom state is unable to transition again to another state.

User procedure for Guard tour investigation incidents

This screenshot is an example of dynamic user procedure you can use for a Guard tour investigation incident:

You can also select the Force comment option for procedure steps to ensure that operators cannot move to the next step without entering comments for the step. You can include details in the procedure step to indicate the precise details you require for that step.