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If you have large automation workflows, you can consolidate the workflow view by using the Sequence activity or Flowchart activity.

Managing incident automation workflow views with the Sequence activity

There are two ways to organize items in your automation workflow into groups:
  • Sequence activity
  • Flowchart activity
For example, consider the following automation workflow:
You can group all these activities into a Sequence activity to streamline the appearance of the automation workflow:
You can double click inside the Sequence activity to see the detailed flow of steps. You can click the title bar of the Sequence activity to change the name of this group of activities.
Automation workflows can have multiple Sequence activities. Each Sequence activity can be used multiple times in the automation workflow.
  • To copy a Sequence box, right-click the box and select Copy
  • To paste the Sequence box, right click the desired location and select Paste.

Managing incident automation workflow views with the Flowchart activity

You can also use the Flowchart activity to group a set of activities. You can nest multiple Flowchart activities under the primary automation workflow flowchart configuration.