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Genetec Mission Control™

You can use UI SDK to develop your own custom Genetec Mission Control™ UI solutions.

What you should know

Read the Release Notes for known issues, limitations, system requirements, and other information about the release.

Ensure a compatible version of Genetec Mission Control™ is installed.

Genetec Mission Control™ UI SDK setup

The Genetec Mission Control™ installation package includes the UI SDK library file: Genetec.MC.UISDK.dll.

Typically, it is installed in C:\Program Files(x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.x\MissionControl.

You can create a custom UI solution by referencing the Genetec.MC.UISDK.dll file. You must save your custom solution as a .dll file and add your .dll filepath to the Windows registry:
  1. Add a registry key under the following path:
  2. Add a string value to your key named MainPath, which will be the location of your custom .dll.
  3. Add a string value Enabled that will either be True or False
    The key should be set up as follows:
    Key → MyCustomSolution1 
    String Value → MainPath: C:\PathtoMyCustomSolutions\MyCustomSolution1.dll
    String Value → Enabled:True

You must deploy your custom .dll file in each of your operator's systems and configure the registry in each machine.

For more details on developing and implementing custom UI solutions, see the UI SDK Documentation packaged with the product.