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To change the settings of the Web API, you must modify the configuration parameters in appSettings.json and restart the Incident Manager role.

Before you begin

Install the Web API software on the target machine.

What you should know

Changing the Web API configuration requires an Incident Manager restart. This restart temporarily disables Genetec Mission Control™ and should be conducted in a maintenance window.


  1. On the target server, open the Web API installation folder.
    By default, the Web API is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec\Genetec Mission Control Web API.
  2. Make a backup copy of appSettings.json.
  3. Open appSettings.json, modify the configuration parameters as needed, and save your changes.
    For a list of configurable parameters, see Genetec Mission Control™ Web API configuration parameters.
  4. Open Config Tool and log on as an administrator.
  5. Open System > Roles and select the Incident Manager role.
  6. Select Maintenance > Deactivate role, confirm the operation, and wait for the role to deactivate.
  7. Select Maintenance > Activate role.
    Your configuration changes are applied.