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You can use this architecture of Genetec Mission Control™ deployment when you have a dedicated SQL server or SQL cluster.

Deployment architecture: Running SQL on separate server

To distribute the Incident Manager role and SQL load between two servers, deploy Genetec Mission Control™ as follows:
  • Server 1: Security Center Directory and Genetec Mission Control™
  • Expansion server: Incident Manager role, RabbitMQ
  • Server 3: SQL
    NOTE: (Optional) You can have more than one SQL server.

For information on SQL server permissions, see Assigning SQL permissions on remote SQL server

The SQL Server Express edition included with Genetec Mission Control™ has a database size limit of 10 GB and does not support SQL clustering.

The average size of an incident in the Incident Manager database is approximately 10 KB. If you have 3000 - 4000 incidents per day, you would need 10 GB of database space with a configuration of 1 year retention period.

If you need a longer retention period or require failover clustering for SQL server high availability, it is recommended you use SQL Server Standard or Enterprise editions.