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You can use this architecture of deployment when each component of Genetec Mission Control™ needs its own server.

Deployment architecture: Running RabbitMQ on separate server

To distribute the incident management load between four servers, deploy Genetec Mission Control™ as follows:
  • Server 1: Security Center Directory and Genetec Mission Control™
  • Expansion server: Incident Manager role
  • Server 3: RabbitMQ
  • Server 4: SQL
    NOTE: SQL Enterprise is recommended.

    For information on SQL server permissions, see Assigning SQL permissions on remote SQL server

Each of these components can be configured for high availability. If RabbitMQ is not installed on the same server as the Incident Manager role, copy the RabbitMQ certificates to the Incident Manager server.

You can use the same RabbitMQ server or failover cluster with other Genetec Inc. plugins and Genetec Mission Control™ setups. For example, Sipelia™ and Genetec Mission Control™ can use the same RabbitMQ cluster simultaneously if both support the same RabbitMQ version.

For more information on configuring high availability, see Failover in Genetec Mission Control™.