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Genetec Mission Control™

You can configure components of Genetec Mission Control™ for high availability.

Components of Genetec Mission Control™ that can be configured with high availability

You can configure the following components with high availability:
  • Security Center Directory
  • Incident Manager role (installed as part of Genetec Mission Control™)
  • RabbitMQ server
  • SQL server

Incident Manager role failover

The procedure to set up high availability clusters for the Incident Manager role follows the same process as configuring role failover in Security Center. For more information, see "Role failover" in the Security Center Administrator Guide.

RabbitMQ failover

Genetec Mission Control™ uses RabbitMQ to send and receive messages between Genetec Directory, Incident Manager and the Incident Monitoring task in Security Desk. For continuous incident management, the RabbitMQ server must be running and connected to the Incident manager role.

To set up high availability for RabbitMQ, see Configuring failover for RabbitMQ

SQL server failover

To create high availability using SQL server failover cluster, see SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation

To protect your data, perform regular backups of the Incident Manager database.