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Genetec Mission Control™

You can deploy Genetec Mission Control™ in different ways depending on your existing system architecture and needs.

Deploying Genetec Mission Control™

Incident management through Genetec Mission Control™ involves the following components:
  • Security Center Directory
  • Incident Manager role (installed as part of Genetec Mission Control™)
  • SQL server
  • RabbitMQ server
  • Incident Monitoring task in Security Desk (installed as part of Genetec Mission Control™)
You must install the same version of Genetec Mission Control™ on the following:
  • All Security Center servers that host the Directory role.

    This is required to create the plugin that publishes Directory events into RabbitMQ, which are pulled by the Incident Manager role.

  • All Security Center servers that need to host the Incident Manager role.
  • All Security Center client workstations that need Incident monitoring tasks.

Determining the optimal deployment option for you

Use the following questionnaire to determine the best deployment architecture to suit your requirements:

Criteria Deployment model 1 Deployment model 2 Deployment model 3
High availability support No Yes Yes
Number of workstations 0-3 3-10 10+
Number of active incidents per day 0-100 100-500 500+
Number of events per second 1-100 100-300 300-600
Number of source entities (cameras, doors and so on) 0-300 300-999 1000+
Incident automation workflow complexity Simple1 Complex2 Complex2

1 Single activity without condition. Example: Change description to 'New description'.

2 Multiple activities. Example: (1) Change description → (2) Wait for state → (3) Change priority → (4) Wait for state → (5) Column color → (6) Change description.

Integration with Sipelia™

If you are planning to use Sipelia™ public addressing features, you must have the Sipelia™ client installed on the Genetec Mission Control™ server.