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For administrators to configure incidents in Config Tool, and for operators to use the Incident Monitoring and Incident report tasks in Security Desk, the correct user privileges must be granted to their user accounts.

Configuring user privileges for Genetec Mission Control™

Default privileges are assigned to some user groups, such as administrators, operators, and supervisors. Individual users in these user groups inherit their privileges from the parent user group, unless specified otherwise. The operator and supervisor privilege template typically grants them access to Security Desk.

You can configure or modify the user or user group privileges on the Privileges page of the user or user group in the Config Tool User management task.

To learn more about the privilege hierarchy, privilege inheritance, and assigning privileges, see the Security Center Administrator Guide, and the Security Center Hardening Guide.

NOTE: For a list of all available Security Center privileges, see the Security Center privileges spreadsheet. You can sort and filter this list as you need.

Administrative privileges

Administrative privileges grant access to Genetec Mission Control™ incident management activities using Config Tool.

By default, administrators have all privileges. However, if you create a user account from one of the other Privilege templates and you want this user to add and configure incidents, the user account requires the following incident management administrative privileges for Config Tool in Genetec Mission Control™:

Privilege Sub-category of privileges Includes privileges to Actions that can be performed
Incident management (Genetec Mission Control™) View incident/incident category properties Modify incident/incident category properties
  • Add incidents/incident categories
  • Delete incidents/incident categories
  • Modify incident types and categories operational status
View document properties Modify document properties  
View profile properties Modify profile properties
  • Add profiles
  • Deactivate profiles
  • Delete profiles
View incident audit trail report    

Action privileges

Action privileges control the actions that can be performed on Genetec Mission Control™ incidents.

Privilege Sub-category of privileges Includes privileges to Actions that can be performed
Incidents (Genetec Mission Control™) Add incident comments Edit/delete incident comments  
Add incident reminders Modify/delete incident reminder  
Change profile assignment    
Edit incident filter templates    
Export incidents    
Forward incidents    
Link incidents    
Monitor incidents set to Testing mode    
Take incident ownership Add attached links Delete attached links
Change incident description  
Change incident priority  
Forcibly close unresolved incidents  
Forcibly resolve incidents having non-validated steps  
Override incident ownership  
Split on events  
Third-party integration mode    
Transfer incidents    
Transfer to a profile    
Trigger incidents    
TTR Metrics    

Task privileges

Task privileges control the accessibility of the tasks.

Privilege Sub-category of privileges Includes privileges to Details
Administration Incident configuration   Allows the user to run the Incident configuration task in Config Tool.
Operation Incident monitoring Allows the user to run the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk.
Investigation Incident report Modify reported incidents (Genetec Mission Control™) Allows the user to modify Genetec Mission Control™ reported incidents.
Profile report   Review profile assignments.