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You can deploy Genetec Mission Control™ incident configurations using a phased approach or in a Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production (DTAP) environment. This involves exporting incident type configurations between different Genetec Mission Control™ system environments.

Recommended deployment scenario

If you have a working Security Center environment and need to upgrade to a collaborative decision management system, the ideal deployment procedure is as follows:
  1. Backup your Security Center production environment.
  2. Create a new test environment.
  3. Restore Security Center in the test environment.
  4. Configure Genetec Mission Control™ in the test environment.
  5. After testing is completed, export the Genetec Mission Control™ incident type configurations from the test environment into the production environment.

Considerations when exporting incident configurations

You can export and reuse Genetec Mission Control™ incident type configurations between multiple system environments:
  • From development to testing environments
  • From testing to acceptance environments
  • From acceptance to production environments

Genetec Mission Control™ incidents can be configured to include Security Center events and entities such as alarms and more. While details of incident types are stored in the Genetec Mission Control™ database, details of Security Center entities are stored in the Directory database. The system assigns each entity its own Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), which is used to identify the entity associated to an incident type.

Consider a Genetec Mission Control™ incident called Evacuate - Fire alert, configured to be triggered when the Security Center alarm Fire is active. Both the incident and the alarm will have unique GUID's assigned to them by the system.

If you delete the Fire alarm and create a new alarm with the same name and configuration settings, the GUID assigned to the new alarm by the system will still be different. The new alarm will no longer be associated with the Evacuate - Fire alert incident. You have to manually associate the new Fire alarm with the Evacuate - Fire alert incident.

This concept applies to incidents and entities in different system environments. Even though the names and configurations are same, the GUID's will be different when exporting incidents between systems. You must therefore manually configure the entity and their incident associations after importing them from another system environment.

You can circumvent this process by using the backup Directory database from the source Genetec Mission Control™ environment and use it to restore the database in the target environment. This will ensure that previous configurations in the target environment are replaced with the same configurations and GUID's in the backup directory from the source environment.