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For Genetec Mission Control™ to work properly, you must create firewall rules to allow proper communication between the various services.

The following table lists the default network ports used by core applications in Genetec Mission Control™. You can also view the network diagram.

Application Inbound Outbound Port usage
Client applications (Security Desk, Config Tool)   TCP 5500 Directory communication
  TCP 5671 RabbitMQ SSL Port
  TCP 8083 Document management
RabbitMQ TCP 5671   RabbitMQ SSL Port
TCP 4369   Erlang Port
TCP 15671   Web Management Interface Port
TCP 25672   Node Clustering Port
Incident Manager TCP 8083   Document management
  TCP 5671 RabbitMQ SSL Ports
Directory TCP 4502 TCP 4502 Genetec™ Server communication
TCP 80 TCP 80 Directory web server communication
TCP 443 TCP 443 Directory secured server communication
TCP 5500   Client Connection
  TCP 5671 RabbitMQ SSL Port
Web API SDK TCP 9550   API Secured Web Server Communication
  TCP 5671 RabbitMQ SSL Port
  TCP 443 Directory Secured web server communication