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Add backup nodes to the RabbitMQ cluster to help you enable queue mirroring. This ensures that messages published to a queue are replicated to all mirrors.

Before you begin

You must open port 25672 on every node.


  1. In Windows search box, type navigate RabbitMQ Command Prompt (sbin dir).
  2. Right-click and select Run as administrator.
    This application is installed with RabbitMQ by default
  3. To stop the node, execute the following command:
    rabbitmqctl.bat stop_app
  4. To add the node to the cluster, execute the following command:
    rabbitmqctl.bat join_cluster rabbit@<NodeName>
    NOTE: <NodeName> is case sensitive.
  5. To restart the node, execute the following command:
    rabbitmqctl.bat start_app
    NOTE: You can verify that the correct node has been added successfully by executing the following command:

    rabbitmqctl.bat cluster_status

    or through the RabbitMQ web interface at

    https://<node hostname>:15671