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Genetec Mission Control™

Simplest deployment architecture for Genetec Mission Control™ where all the services are running on the same machine.

Architecture: basic deployment option

The following services are configured to run on a single machine:
  • Security Center Directory
  • Genetec Mission Control™ Incident Manager role
  • RabbitMQ server
  • SQL Server

Benefits: basic deployment option

Easy deployment
You can execute all installers on one machine with no special configurations.
Low maintenance
You only have one machine to monitor and maintain.
Low latency
Services communicate directly with each other instead of going on the network.
Low impact from environment problems
Network latency and failures never affect your deployment, unless they prevent Security Desk and Config Tool from accessing your machine. This does not affect services that would still operate normally.
Low cost
As all components are on one machine the cost or deployment is relatively low.

Drawbacks: basic deployment option

No fault resilience or fault tolerance
Having your machine fail or go offline means you lose access to all services.
Downtime incurs data loss
If all services are down, every event that triggers an incident in your system is lost forever. You would also lose incidents when the machine is down.
Updating your Windows machine might incur downtime
Your system incurs a downtime during each update as it reboots.
NOTE: Cloud deployment is currently not supported for Genetec Mission Control™.