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Genetec Mission Control™

For effective deployment, you must understand the roles of the multiple components of Genetec Mission Control™.

Incident management through Genetec Mission Control™ involves the following components:
Incident Manager role
  • Installed as part of Genetec Mission Control™.
  • Runs all the incident business logic, managing incidents within the system.
  • Can be deployed on any Security Center server or expansion server.
  • Supports failover mode.
Security Center Directory
  • Main supervisor service of all Security Center roles.
  • Performs the following functions:
    • Authenticates users.
    • Manages entities.
    • Maintains health monitoring stats of the various roles.
    • Pushes events from all Security Center components to RabbitMQ for Genetec Mission Control™.
  • Can be deployed on any Security Center server or expansion server.
  • Supports failover mode.
  • Third-party message broker allowing communications between the various components of Genetec Mission Control™.
  • Acts as a buffer to prevent data loss if the Incident Manager role ever goes down.
  • Serves as a load-leveling mechanism preventing high burst of events and data coming from the Security Center system that could cripple the Incident Manager role.
  • Enables a replay of past events.
  • It is the only component that supports high availability.
  • NOTE: RabbitMQ does not support disaster recovery or installation between geographically distributed networks with high latency or poor link quality or deployments under cloud environments.
Genetec™ Document Service
  • Component that enables attaching links or documents to incidents in the Incident Monitoring task.
  • Requires MongoDB, a document-oriented database program, which is installed as a service automatically when you select Typical installation or choose to install the Genetec™ Document Service component during Advanced installation.
SQL Server
  • Default database used by the Incident Manager role to store data.
  • Most SQL Server technologies support some form of clustering or mirroring.
Client tasks
  • On installation, Genetec Mission Control™ is integrated into the Config Tool and Security Desk clients.
Genetec Mission Control™ Web API
  • A suite of development tools that can be used by developers to create applications that interact with Genetec Mission Control™.
  • Secure access to incident data.
  • Enables integration with other software systems.

Difference between high availability and failover

High availability
  • System can maintain operations for a high percentage of time even when failures arise.
  • Implies fault tolerance in this case. Fault tolerance is maintaining system operations without any downtime, despite machine or network failures.
  • RabbitMQ and SQL Server are the only components of Genetec Mission Control™ that support high availability.
NOTE: High availability depends largely on your system infrastructure.
  • System incurs downtime when failures arise.

    The downtime is not significant as it is the time taken to detect an offline role and turn on another instance on another machine.

  • Supports fault resilience. Fault resilience is the system's ability to detect failures and take appropriate actions to resume operations and bring back availability.

Key tips for Genetec Mission Control™ installation

You must install the same version of Genetec Mission Control™ on the following:
  • All Security Center servers that host the Directory role.
  • All Security Center servers that need to host the Incident Manager role.
  • All Security Center client workstations that need Genetec Mission Control™ features.
NOTE: If you are using the Genetec™ Mobile app, you must install Genetec Mission Control™ Web API on the machine with the Incident Manager role and the machines with failover configuration.

Integration with Sipelia™

If you are planning to use Sipelia™ public addressing features, you must have the Sipelia™ client installed on the Genetec Mission Control™ server.