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Genetec Mission Control™ Deployment Guide

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Genetec Mission Control™

You can mix and match the deployment options of the various components of Genetec Mission Control™ to build the best system architecture to suit your existing infrastructure and business needs.

What you should know

  • Each of the Components involved in Genetec Mission Control™ deployment can have its own deployment option.
  • All the components can be installed on one machine as in the Basic deployment option for Genetec Mission Control™.
    NOTE: If you choose this deployment architecture, ensure that your machine is high performing and has a high degree of fault tolerance.
  • When deploying RabbitMQ:
    • RabbitMQ clusters must always be on the same local area network (LAN).
      • It should not be geographically distributed.
      • Cloud deployments are not supported.
      • There should be a high performance network between the nodes.
      • NOTE: RabbitMQ does not fully support disaster recovery as it requires asynchronous replication of data between data centers.
    • Adding more nodes to a RabbitMQ cluster improves resilience but does not improve performance.