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To manage Genetec Mission Control™ deployment effectively using Genetec Mission Control™, it is recommended that you understand your existing environment and evaluate the requirements for tolerance to failures.

Evaluation of current assets and requirements analysis

To evaluate the scope of fault tolerance required and what can be accomplished using your existing systems, you must ask the following questions:
  • What are the specifications of machines or virtual machines currently available?
    • How many machines or virtual machines are at hand?
    • How powerful are those machines in terms of computation (CPU)?
    • How much random access memory (RAM) do they have?
    • What kind of disks are those machines equipped with: solid-state drives (SSDs) or hard disks?
    • How much disk space do they have?
    • Are the machines located in the same rack?
    • What type of maintenance gets done on those machines?
    • What exposure do they have to external communications?
  • What does the network environment look like for the deployment?
    • Are there certain points of congestion in the network?
    • Is it a geographically distributed network?
    • Are there any higher latency points in the network or between networks?
    • Is frequent maintenance required between certain points of your network?
    • What does the redundancy look like?
    • Are there any firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) managing part of the communications?
  • What is your most important concern between availability and consistency?
    You prefer losing availability of a service over losing data.
    You prefer losing data to preserve availability or to restore it faster.

    In Genetec Mission Control™, if downtime happened, would you rather restore service faster (availability) or lose incidents triggered in the past (consistency)?