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You can take the following actions with the Incidents endpoints.

  • Retrieve incidents
  • Perform a command:
    • Trigger an incident with the option of adding a comment
    • Link or unlink incidents
  • Retrieve history of events associated with a specified incident
  • Perform a commands on a specific incident:
    • Add comments
    • Add note
    • Answer user procedure step
    • Change existing comments
    • Change incident description
    • Change External ID
    • Change incident type
    • Change incident location
    • Change incident priority
    • Change incident state
    • Clear incident location
    • Delete existing comment
    • Place incident on hold
    • Take ownership or release ownership
    • Transfer or forward an incident
  • Retrieve all user comments from an active incident's activity log
  • Retrieve a list of additional fields used in a specified incident.
  • Retrieve the current dynamic user procedure step for an active incident
  • Retrieve all events linked to a specified incident
  • Retrieve all incidents linked to a specified incident
  • Retrieve a list of areas associated to the incident location for a specified incident
  • Retrieve a list of entities that were linked manually to a specified incident..
  • Retrieve all possible state transitions for an incident
  • Retrieve all sources that are related to the specified incident
  • Retrieve sub-incident identifiers of an active collaborative incident