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You can deploy the RabbitMQ in various ways depending on your existing system infrastructure and business needs.

RabbitMQ deployment options

RabbitMQ is a sensitive component, as loss of the RabbitMQ service leads to data loss and downtime for all services except the Security Center Directory.

On the plus side, RabbitMQ supports the highest tolerance, albeit the cost of resources and deployment complexity. To leverage this feature, you must have a minimum of three standalone machines. While adding additional nodes to the RabbitMQ cluster improves fault tolerance, it does not add to performance.

You can deploy RabbitMQ in one of the following ways depending on your business needs:
Option 1
On a standalone machine
Option 2
As a standalone cluster on three or more machines
NOTE: If RabbitMQ is not installed on the same server as the Incident Manager role, copy the RabbitMQ certificates to the Incident Manager server.