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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Genetec Mission Control™
Issue Description
2341132 When the incident trigger is an alarm event generated through Security Center SDK, contextual data about entities attached to the alarm such as source and related entities are not available in the incident log.
2334348 Even when there are more than four entities to be displayed for an active incident, only the default four tiles will display entities in an open Monitoring task.
2310729 When there are multiple events with segmented titles, wherein the first part of the title is the same for all events and an underscore (_) separates the rest of the title, an incident configured to be triggered by one of these events will also be triggered by the activation of any event with a partial title match.
2270225 If the Column color activity in an incident workflow is configured with the default value, an in-progress workflow stops at that activity and cannot continue.
2269840 The Override context manually option in the Run a macro activity when selected in an incident workflow configuration is saved but the selection is not displayed in the UI.
2269656 When there are a large number of custom events, the Events dialog box in the Triggers tab of the Incident configuration task takes too long to load, causing the Config Tool to hang.
2256892 The Incident report task does not generate any results when custom fields are used as filters.
2244146 Incidents are not triggered when events exceed the threshold limit and accumulate in the RabbitMQ external Event queue.
2235672 Clicking Apply to save new activities added to an incident workflow makes the entire workflow disappear.