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Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following known issues:

Issue First reported in Description
2322715 When in Incident configuration > Audit trails > Incident type page or in Incident configuration > Audit trails > Profiles page, generating a report, changing filters and then exporting leads to wrong filters being exported.
Workaround: Do not change the filters after generating the report.
2322708 When in Incident configuration > Audit trails > Incident type page or in Incident configuration > Audit trails > Profiles page, the Export button does not refresh after a report is generated and the Export button is clicked.
Workaround: Close the task and reopen it.
2321975 In Genetec Mission Control™ UI SDK, the list of incident states obtained by using the GetStates method in the IIncidentConfigurationService is static and does not refresh automatically to show changes in state configuration.
2321263 When there are a large number of active incidents, the Incident monitoring task takes longer to load and incident states do not get updated accurately.
2298279 When configuring event filtering after too many triggers in the Triggers page of the Incident configuration task, clicking Apply deletes all triggers.
2296412 In the Incident Monitoring task when the Settings > Options > Synchronize incident monitoring tasks option is not selected, saving tasks will not retain the Group by option setting.
2296378 When selecting the Workflow tab in the Incident configuration task, the system displays An unhandled exception occurred error message if the computer language is not set to English.
2242450 When changing the synchronization setting in the Incident monitoring task under Settings > Options > Synchronize incident monitoring tasks, the system applies the changes despite the tooltip warning message: Changing this setting requires restarting Security Desk to take effect.
2236819 Sometimes the workflow does not run because the system reads it inaccurately.
2228536 If Synchronize incident monitoring tasks is disabled, the View on map button is not visible for incidents in the incident tray.
Workaround: Enable Synchronize incident monitoring tasks in the Incident options window.
2227941 In the Incident report task of Security Desk, the zoom level in map mode reverts to default value when switching between tasks.
2227787 The alarm acknowledgment buttons do not work in the General tab of the Incident Monitoring dashboard.
Workaround: For alarms, go directly to the Alarm monitoring window to acknowledge alarms.
2151991 2.11 GA The behavior of the View incident button for linked incidents is inconsistent. If Synchronize incident monitoring tasks is enabled, the incident opens in the current Incident monitoring task. If it is disabled, the incident opens in the Monitoring task.
Workaround: Select the linked incident from the incident list.
2138529 2.11 GA After selecting an alarm on a georeferenced map in Incident monitoring, triggering an incident anywhere else on the map sets the alarm as the location.
Workaround: Select another entity on the map and close it before triggering the incident.
2133643 2.11 GA After grouping the incident list by a specific column, removing that column from the incident list also removes the selection from the Group by dialog box.
2100579 2.10 GA If events in the sequence are separated by a Security Center server restart, then incidents that are triggered by a sequence of events are not triggered successfully.
2100477 2.10 GA On new systems, the Incident Manager role can fail to initialize after automatic restarts of the Security Center server.
2049698 2.11 GA Incidents triggered in an area on a .jpeg image map do not include the incident location (latitude and longitude).
1962199 2.10 GA Unable to cycle between live and playback streams from the dashboard Camera widget in Incident management.
1940528 2.10 GA Reminder notifications for collaborative incidents are not shown in the supervisor incident tray.
Workaround: Check the Reminder section of the incident dashboard.
1868509 2.9 GA Modifications to the Incident Manager role are presented as raw XML in the Security Desk audit trail report.
Workaround: Generate the audit trail report in Config Tool.
1862616 2.9 GA When no default map is set and an incident is triggered in the Incident report task, the incident is not visible and the incident location is set to Security Desk map.
Workaround: Select a default map for the system.
1861305 2.9 GA Documents that are available on a schedule remain visible in the Documents widget on the incident dashboard, if an associated incident is selected when the scheduled period ends.
Workaround: Refresh the Documents widget by logging off and logging back on, or briefly switching to another incident.
1787956 2.9 GA After deleting a user who is the only recipient of a specific incident type, new incidents of that type have an invalid state with no recipients.
Workaround: Configure incidents to fallback to other recipients if no one responds.
1749005 2.8 GA Operators with the Link incidents privilege can link incidents that they do not have permission to see using the incident ID.
1708941 2.8 GA If Automatically change incident state is enabled, a non-recipient can take ownership of new incidents by opening them in the Monitoring task.
1704316 2.8 GA The View on map button does not work if the incident is already selected.
Workaround: Deselect the incident and reselect it.
1668680 2.10 GA Activating Maintenance mode on the Incident Manager role has no effect.
1475849 2.7 GA After a user transfers an incident to a profile, and someone takes ownership of the incident, the Owner of incident is displayed as Unavailable information.
1184508 2.7 GA Genetec Mission Control™ is not compatible with earlier versions and does not display a warning message when incompatible versions are used together.
1108578 2.10 GA Audit trails: Document changes made in the Document management view of the Incident configuration task, are not reported in the Audit trails task.
1044720 2.6 GA The incident workflow hangs at the Wait for event activity if the previous event source is a specific cardholder.
1028364 2.6 GA Some entity types, such as alarms, elevators, parking zones, and so on are not available as incident locations in the Trigger incident dialog box.
Workaround: Right-click an alarm on the map.
954011 2.6 GA Incident states are not reflected in near real-time in the Incident report task.
944316 2.4 GA In the Incident monitoring task, if you lose your connection to the network, the system might display a dialog box with the message: The configuration of New incident was modified. Do you want to apply the changes?
Workaround: Click Cancel to close the dialog box.
935322 2.4 GA Creating a database on a remote server for the Incident Manager role does not work. An error is displayed, and the database is not created.
751818 2.2 GA Closed incidents are not always removed from the map display in the Incident monitoring task
Workaround: Close and reopen the Incident monitoring task.
737204 2.2 GA When an area that is referenced in the advanced dispatch configuration of an incident type is deleted from the system, the configuration of the incident type is not flagged as invalid.
Workaround: Reconfigure the incident type.