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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following limitations:

Issue First reported in Description
2227001 In Security Center 5.8 GA, the Incident report task in Security Desk shows currently active incidents on the map, even when an Incident report is not generated.
2224401 In Security Center 5.8 GA, when applying a privilege template during new user entity configuration, the child privileges described in the privilege template are not ascribed to the user.
2222185 In Security Center 5.8 GA, when an incident is selected in the Incident report task, it is highlighted with a halo. Selecting another incident on the same map highlights both incidents with a halo.
2206898 In Security Center 5.8 GA, the user cannot manually switch between maps in the Incident report window in Security Desk.
2211429 2.11 SR1 If the Wait for state > New activity is at the beginning of the workflow, it will not be executed.
2119187 2.11 GA Incidents triggered from the Web API with geographical coordinates do not display correctly on an image map if the map is not georeferenced, or if the map is georeferenced and the incident is triggered outside the image boundary.
2041825 2.10 GA After upgrading to Genetec Mission Control™ 2.10, the priority change arrow, column color, and external ID are missing from the Incident report for incidents closed before the upgrade.
Workaround: Open the incident and check the incident details.
2020510 2.10 GA Incident is not triggered by an Access denied event from a cardholder group, when the specific user is in a subgroup under that group.
1900290 2.9 GA When upgrading from 2.4 SR2 systems, filters based on custom fields in saved Incident monitoring tasks are not restored.
1887734 2.9 GA When upgrading from 2.7 and earlier, incidents displayed in saved Monitoring tasks are not restored.
1753448 2.8 GA When using the Change incident type workflow activity to change an incident to another type with TTR enforced, TTR events will not be triggered, if they were already triggered in the previous incident type.
1749816 2.8 GA When using the Change incident type workflow activity to change an incident to another type with different operational status (In service, Testing, Not in service), the incident will not take the new type's operational status.
1730440 2.8 GA Unable to export current map view when exporting an incident with a map from the Incident report task or the Monitoring task.
1700802 2.8 GA Incident report tasks (public or private) saved in Genetec Mission Control™ 2.7 with the Profile report open are not visible in 2.8. If you previously scheduled exporting a profile report or emailing a profile report, the report is not exported or emailed after the upgrade.
1700789 2.8 GA Incident report tasks (public or private) saved in Genetec Mission Control™ 2.7 are not visible in 2.8. If a workspace in Security Desk was saved with an Incident report task opened before 2.8, the Incident report will be not displayed after upgrading.
1633372 2.8 GA After generating an incident report with several incidents displayed on the same map, selecting one of the incident pins, does not select the corresponding incident in the incident list.
1617061 2.8 GA In the Incident report task, you cannot replace the content of a tile by dragging and dropping an incident from the list onto an area defined in a map.
Workaround: Clear the tile before the drag and drop.
1188735 2.7 GA Profile auto-assignment: When operators who are allowed to use profiles log on through a Security Desk workstation without Genetec Mission Control™ installed, the profiles are auto-assigned to them.
1108767 2.7 GA The incident configuration audit trails are never deleted.
815690 2.3 GA RabbitMQ: On machines that are running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, you cannot connect to RabbitMQ using an IPv4 address when IPv6 is enabled.
Workaround: Disable IPv6 from the machine's network configuration, or use the local name of the machine to connect instead of the IPv4 address.
721822 2.3 GA When you delete an incident icon from the Properties tab, the icon is only removed for the selected incident, not all incidents.
632319 2.3 GA Failover: After a failover occurs, the configured Delay for the workflow of an incident is not respected. The Delay duration reverts to the default setting (0).
545314 2.3 GA Incident monitoring: Grouping over 5000 incidents can take up to three minutes, and Security Desk does not respond during this time.
518515 2.3 GA Incident monitoring: When you maximize and restore a map in the task, the Incident pane size also changes.