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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following enhancements:
Incident workflow
There are new activities available for incident configuration that add functionality and give you greater flexibility when configuring your incident workflows. These include:
  • Trigger and add sub-incident. You can link multiple sub-incidents to one parent collaborative incident, streamlining your incident management options.
  • Trigger and aggregate alarms. You can now choose to aggregate the triggered alarms to the incident.

Some activities have been modified to offer an expanded scope. These include:

  • Change incident type. This activity has been modified to allow for transition of your incident type from normal to normal, normal to collaborative or collaborative to collaborative incident types.
  • Column color. This activity now offers you a custom palette for color selection that you can use to change colors of the incident list item in the Incident monitoring task.
Export settings
You can choose the logo for your incident exports. There are three options available:
  • None: No branding logo appears on your incident exports.
  • Mission Control logo: This is the default option. The Genetec Mission Control™ logo appears on your incident exports.
  • Custom logo: Your own logo appears on the incident exports. You can choose an image with 256 x 256 pixels or above in size. The image will be re-sized to 300 x 300 pixels with the same image ratio.
NOTE: For more information, see Configuring the Incident Manager role.

UI SDK for Genetec Mission Control™

Manual incident trigger
You can overwrite the Trigger incident dialog box in Security Desk with a customizable trigger form. You can apply specific parameters to the incident to be triggered.
NOTE: To learn more about UI SDK, download the UI SDK Documentation.zip file packaged with the Genetec Mission Control™ installer, and open the index.html file in Microsoft Edge.

To learn more about new features introduced in previous releases see Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes on TechDoc Hub.

For an overview of what Genetec Mission Control™ can do for your organization, view our product description web page.