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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

Genetec Mission Control™ compatibility notice

Genetec Mission Control™ is compatible with Security Center Users of Security Center versions older than should continue using compatible versions of Genetec Mission Control™.

New terminology: Incident details pane replaces incident dashboard

The incident dashboard located in the Incident tab on the right pane of the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk is now being referred to as incident details pane instead. This is to differentiate this panel of information about incidents from the Dashboard widget in Security Desk.

General enhancements

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following enhancements:
Incident clustering
In the Incident monitoring task, you can see map objects in close proximity at a given zoom level, grouped together as a blue cluster bubble. The number of active alarms and incidents within a cluster bubble are displayed as a red badge on the cluster bubble ().
UI improvements
Dynamic incident procedure step configuration
The Force comment and May be skipped options, previously part of the Show advanced settings section, are now visible in the basic dynamic incident procedure step configuration.
Retention period extended
The Incident configuration > Properties > Retention period and System > Roles > Incident Manager > Retention period now have a maximum of 9999 days.
New parameters for incident configuration
Incident configuration > Recipients > Auto assign
You can configure the system to dispatch incidents to users in a selected user group based on the order of user logon. When the assigned user logs off, the incident is dispatched to the next user and so on. If all users in the user group are logged off, the incident gets dispatched to the entire user group.
Incident configuration > Workflow > Wait for event > Incident area
The Wait for event activity includes a new Incident area parameter. This directs the system to take into consideration the area within which the incident is active. Child entities of this area are also included, unless they are other area entities.
Incident configuration > Properties > Allow multiple occurrences within the same area
This option allows multiple incident instances in the same area. Incidents are considered to be within the same area when their location is the same area entity or any of the child entities that are not area entities. This option is on by default. Manually triggered incidents are not subject to this incident area consideration.
For example, if your areas are configured as follows:

Any incidents active in the First floor, First floor entrance door, First floor exit door or Camera - First floor entrance are considered to be in the same incident area. However, if the incident is active in R&D lab, which is a child area entity of First floor it is not considered to be in the same area.

When incidents are triggered as a result of an alarm, the system checks the following for active incidents of the same type:
  • The source entity of the alarm. This can be an area entity itself or the parent area of the entity triggering the alarm.
  • Area entities attached to the alarm. Non-area entities are ignored.

If any of the area entities already have an active incident of the same incident type, the system aborts the incident trigger. If there are no areas with active incidents of the same type, the incident is triggered.

UI SDK enhancements

UI SDK for Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following enhancements:
Custom widgets
You can use the UI SDK to design custom widgets in Security Desk. You can use the widget to access services such as IncidentOperationService and more.
NOTE: To learn more about UI SDK, download the UI SDK Documentation.zip file packaged with the Genetec Mission Control™ installer, and open the index.html file in Microsoft Edge.

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