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The following software issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
2522946 Genetec Mission Control™ components do not automatically reconnect to the Incident monitoring task on directory failover.
2483143 When a cardholder is the source of an active incident, and the incident workflow includes the Send an email activity configured to attach the dynamic incident procedure and cardholder details, the active read trigger for the incident must capture the Security Center cardholder information such as first name, last name, email id, phone and all related custom fields for the email field parameters.
2468469 The aggregated event log for Genetec Mission Control™ incidents in the Incident monitoring task Latest activity log, displays incident details in English, even when user interface language selected is German.
2458342 When the incident trigger is an active alarm with dynamic context or attached entities, the incident location is recorded as the entity instead of the alarm.
2454576 When the incident trigger is an active alarm triggered on a camera entity, the camera is not logged as the incident location.
2438462 When Incident area is selected as event source in the Wait for event activity, there are no options to select the specific alarms triggered.
2434606 In the Wait for event activity, the Event sources list is a flat list instead of a tree list with related entities when the trigger criteria is an Input state changed event.
2376823 If the incident type configuration of an active incident is deleted, the document associated with the incident is not displayed in the Document section of the Incident details pane in the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk.
2363787 A Supervisor's Profile assignment manager shows supervisees who are offline and other supervisors.
2353866 When using the Copy configuration tool to copy Recipients settings from a collaborative incident, the Recipients configuration is not copied to the destination incident even when the system displays the message: Recipients are only copied if the destination incident is collaborative. This occurs under the following conditions:
  • The source collaborative incident is preconfigured with Everyone as recipients.
  • The destination incidents include collaborative and non-collaborative incidents, each with specific recipients.
1868509 Modifications to the Incident Manager role are presented as raw XML in the Security Desk audit trail report.
Workaround: Generate the audit trail report in Config Tool.
1862616 When no default map is set and an incident is triggered in the Incident report task, the incident is not visible and the incident location is set to Security Desk map.
Workaround: Select a default map for the system.