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Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
2600453 The display time in the tiles of the Incident report task for entities displayed through the automation workflow activity Display entity is invalid when Video mode is set to Playback from current time.
2600403 When printing a graphical incident report from the Incident report task in Security Desk, the report name and x-axis title are invalid.
2600265 When emailing an incident report from the System > Scheduled tasks in Config Tool, the incident category detail is missing.
2576470 Users without the Incident report privilege are able to double click the Related incidents section Incident details pane and view Closed incidents in the Monitoring task.
2572549 If an entity on which an incident is triggered is added to the map after the incident trigger, current active instances of the incident are not displayed on the map.
2565755 When the dynamic user procedure includes a loop back between two steps, the user is unable to go back to the first step of the dynamic user procedure from the Incident details pane in the Incident monitoring task.
2562012 When an incident is triggered on an alarm with a door entity attached, the door entity is not visible in the General tab of the Incident monitoring task.
2542636 Opening an incident in tile view in the Monitoring task displays only the first map even when multiple maps are attached as related entities to the incident.
2358890 When exporting incidents with aggregated events from Security Desk, the incident export fails if the Export video for aggregated events option is selected in Incident options > Export settings but the incident does not have any attached video.
2298279 When configuring event filtering after too many triggers in the Triggers page of the Incident configuration task, clicking Apply deletes all triggers.
2227787 The alarm acknowledgment buttons do not work in the General tab of the Incident Monitoring dashboard.
Workaround: For alarms, go directly to the Alarm monitoring window to acknowledge alarms.
2100579 2.10 GA If events in the sequence are separated by a Security Center server restart, then incidents that are triggered by a sequence of events are not triggered successfully.
2100477 2.10 GA On new systems, the Incident Manager role can fail to initialize after automatic restarts of the Security Center server.
1962199 2.10 GA Unable to cycle between live and playback streams from the dashboard Camera widget in Incident management.
1940528 2.10 GA Reminder notifications for collaborative incidents are not shown in the supervisor incident tray.
Workaround: Check the Reminder section of the incident dashboard.
1787956 2.9 GA After deleting a user who is the only recipient of a specific incident type, new incidents of that type have an invalid state with no recipients.
Workaround: Configure incidents to fallback to other recipients if no one responds.
1668680 2.10 GA Activating Maintenance mode on the Incident Manager role has no effect.
1184508 2.7 GA Genetec Mission Control™ is not compatible with earlier versions and does not display a warning message when incompatible versions are used together.
1108578 2.10 GA Audit trails: Document changes made in the Document management view of the Incident configuration task, are not reported in the Audit trails task.